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Founders: Welcome
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Dear Neighbors of Southwest Louisiana, 

Heart disease is the Number 1 Killer in our country.  Everyone and every family is affected in some way.  You don’t have to look far to see a co-worker, spouse, relative or even worse a child in your circle that has been touched by this disease.  Many accounts of those stories were unexpected and some have not only severe health circumstances but tragic, untimely endings.


I had no idea that I too would be so directly impacted, and that my life would be changed forever.  Just a few years ago at the age of 36, while on a business trip in New York City, I went out for a jog.  During that jog I experienced a condition known as Sudden Cardiac Death.  My heart was no longer pumping blood from the Arterial Fibrillation but I was still running without knowing I was dying quickly.  I have no remembrance of the episode nor did I experience any pain.  After running for a few blocks I miraculously fell in front of a Doctor!  He immediately called 911 and began CPR until paramedics arrived.  The paramedic’s report showed no heartbeat, no pulse or response of blood pressure for over 18 minutes.  Even after being transported to Bellevue Hospital, Doctors expressed little to no hope for me. I was unresponsive, no brain function and was left basically for my family to either leave me on life support or arrange my funeral.  Through many miracles and God’s mercy, I am fully recovered even though I have had additional heart attacks and procedures.  I am fortunate and blessed that I lead a very active life of which most people would never believe I have had any issues just by looking at me.


It is because of this appearance of a healthy life, most people ignore signs of trouble or think they should only be concerned with Heart Disease when they are older.  It is this misconception that my wife and I have personally made it our mission to raise as much awareness and funds by creating our own foundation “Local Heart Foundation” to partner with local families affected by this terrible disease.  Each year my wife and I have dedicated time, resources and monetary funds to make a difference through the American Heart Association via our own Annual Golf Tournament and Champagne Bingo as well as provide sponsorship of The Heart Ball which is their largest fund raising effort each year.  We have continually seen needs of local families in Southwest Louisiana that could use help with expenses, support and encouragement that has gone unmet and we want to make a difference in our community.


While we still applaud larger national organizations when it comes to the National level, we know the need in Southwest Louisiana is great.  We want to do our part to relieve some of these heart felt and sometimes tragic stories and let our friends and neighbors right here know we are here to help.  With the creation of the “Local Heart Foundation” families now will have a source to help in desperate times, both emotionally and physically.


Our Mission Statement is “our hearts helping your family’s heart” and that is exactly what Tammy and I alongside the board of Directors is doing, helping local families in there time of need.  We hope you would seriously consider how you can partner with us to help your friends and neighbors right here in Southwest Louisiana.

Tim and Tammy Andreas 
Co-Founders of the Local Heart Foundation

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